What Is The Cost Of Shipping A Car From USA To Australia?

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If you are trying to import a car from USA to Australia, then it is only natural for you to feel confused. The cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia has sky-rocketed over the years, especially if you are not dealing with a private dealer. The last option you would ever want is to directly ask for the car company to assist with imports because they would charge you so much cash, that you would regret your decision. Instead, opting for private car dealers is the much better option because not only can they provide you with better rates, but also make sure that you are able to get your car to Australia as soon as possible.

When it comes to knowing that cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia, there are certain variations depending on the car you are trying to import and the dealer you are choosing. However, the starting price can be anywhere from $1,000 to much more. There are certain things that come into play for the calculation for this cost, so we wouldn’t get into the technicalities of that. However, the dealer you choose can make a major difference. Therefore, we will see the advantages of choosing a private dealer for car imports.

Minimise Costs

If the cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia seems too much than what you anticipated, then it might be time that you consider getting in touch with a different car importer. Private dealers often charge much lesser and if you are directly dealing with the car company, then you might as well get prepared to dish out thousands of dollars. There are many advantages of opting for private dealers when importing a car and it becomes prominent when you find an expert by observing the amount of money that save you.

Reducing Paperwork

Apart from the cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia, another major factor is the paperwork. You do not want to involve yourself in unending paperwork, so instead, the best option for you would be to simply go to an expert dealer. You might think that you would have to pay them extra fee, but in exchange, they are significantly going to reduce the load as well. So all that makes it worth choosing a private dealer for car shipping.


Importing a car can be costly and what matters the most is whether the dealer you are choosing for car imports is reliable or not. The cost of shipping a car from USA to Australia is not the only thing that matters and not always the lower is better.                                                                               If you do find a reliable car importers to australia who charges a bit high but has a good market reputation, then it’s worth it.