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Your container can be modified using our selection of upgrades to match your specific needs. For instance, wood cladding can assist with the need for a planning permit. Our expert, in-house staff can add anything to 2nd hand shipping containers for sale, whether it’s a steel ramp, ply lining, or side doors, and we provide these changes at costs that reflect our dedication to delivering our customers the finest deals. Our 12-month guarantee gives you peace of mind that the used steel container you purchase from Croft Structures will be of high quality and value. 

For retrofitting, used shipping containers 

For shipping container conversions, 2nd hand shipping containers for sale make a great foundation. Our specialized?conversion service at Crofts Structures has worked on a wide range of projects, including chemical storage facilities, offices, schools, and everything in between. Popular pop-up stores and cafes, for instance, can be made by adding a serving hatch (we have three designs), interior melamine lining, and vinyl flooring. We can also install cabinets and worktops. Patio-style doors can be installed in?pop-up stores to draw customers inside. We can link shipping containers together to create wider spaces for conversions that call for them. Particularly popular with container conversions into garages is this kind of modification. 

Authenticated used ISO containers 

Additionally, Croft Structures offers 2nd hand shipping containers for sale that have been certified as shipment-ready. These containers are frequently referred to as ISO containers or as having a CSC plate. You should double-check this before purchasing because shipping lines won’t accept your container as cargo without one of them. You can get help from the sales team at Croft Structures in selecting the right option. For more info, please log on to https://croftstructures.com.au/products/container-shelters/

Value-added flat pack containers 

Want a brand-new shipping container but not the high cost? Flat-back pack containers are incredibly cost-effective and allow you to avoid paying for shipping. They come in flat-pack shape and are sturdy, safe, and transportable by humans. They are available in 3m, 3m, and 4m sizes, and a connection kit can be used to connect them to form larger storage areas. 

Offering FREE home delivery, greenhouses are for sale 

From the excellent 6-foot foot wide Popular and larger double door 8-foot foot wide Magnum through to the small Wall Garden lean-and to enormous curved eaves Silver line lean- to, we offer the complete range of greenhouses for sale directly from Halls Greenhouses. We offer the entire line of Croft Greenhouses, a reputable brand, for purchase. The 4 ft wide Bird lip, 6 ft wide 8 x 6 Buford, 8 ft wide Blackley and the new 10 ft wide Bourton type are all brand-new models. These new Eden models are currently produced in Gloucestershire,?not far from Cheltenham. If you’re interested in purchasing one of our greenhouses for sale, we offer the exceptional Elite Greenhouses made of aluminium, the premium Swallow GB Wooden Greenhouses, which come with free installation in your garden, the Grow house Cedar Greenhouses, and the brand-new Nordic Double Glazed uPVC Greenhouses. We have a stunning collection of Swallow Greenhouses if you’re searching for a wooden greenhouse made by British artisans from top-quality pressure-treated timber. Delivery and installation are included in the price, and yes, we have a size to fit any garden. Installation in your garden is also free!