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The Advantages Of Planning A Destination Wedding

Here are our reasons to why we think destination weddings should be an option everyone has to consider for their big day…

Smaller guest list to handle

The thing with having modern technology at your side is that it goes a long way to make sure you can connect and stay connected with many people; be it that they are your childhood school mates, you old neighbors or even your office mates from the place you use to work 5 years ago. And while this is brilliant in its own terms, when it comes to marriages and its functions, this is not so great. You will inevitably have to cut out a few people; unless you are willing to pay a huge amount for it. One of the easiest ways, and most effective ways is to have a destination wedding; something everyone knows is small and often exclusive. Just make sure to include your wedding stylist Perth in your travel list…!

People are far more accepting of the things out of the norm

When you are a foreigner to a country, people tend to generally be more accepting of things that are not of the norm. Do you want to conduct a same sex wedding ceremony Perth? No one bats an eye. Do you want to walk down the isle wearing a crop top and jean? No one cares if you do. Do you want the wedding to be just you and your witnesses? Go for it. Destination weddings are your solution of you feel you won’t be able to have your wedding in your terms if you carry it out in your own locality.

The ability to include their exotic culture into your wedding

Weddings are generally seeped in tradition and culture; some thing we are all well aware of. It is actually the same in any country. But by having a wedding at an exotic destination, you are also opening up the chances for including a tradition other than your own for your big day. And the best part here is that you can pick and choose what parts of their tradition you want to include in your weddingunlike with your own traditions. Make sure to do your research well in regards to it; just so you don’t accidently offend the locals or hurt their feelings.

You can begin your honeymoon immediately

The most beautiful thing about overseas destination weddings is that you are already in your honeymoon destination even before you say the “I do”. Take our word and opt to honeymoon in that same country (as opposed to flying out to a different one); as this will definitely cut your costs and make life much easier on you. If you really want to “travel” (or simply want to get away from your friends and family!), just for the fun of it, take an internal flight to a different part of that countryor take a short train ride….!

Wedding Services

The Nuptials Of Your Dreams

The Nuptials Of Your Dreams

Hosting a wedding can be a lot of fun but it can also be a very expensive affair if you are not careful. You need to keep your head on your shoulders when planning your wedding because sadly, weddings have become a commercialized business where wedding stores and wedding suppliers are lining up to make the most amount of money off of you. Wedding suppliers are well aware that most brides and grooms will spend a lot of money on their wedding day and will usually be willing to spend whatever it takes to have the day that they have envisioned for a very long time. However, the key to having a wonderful wedding while also saving money is to stay away from wedding suppliers altogether. You can usually get the same things elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. 

Look for alternatives

You will need to start looking at alternatives for everything you need for your wedding in order to still have the perfect day without going in to debt or finishing up all of your money. When choosing wedding venues, choose to have it in a garden or in a barn instead of a big fancy wedding hall that will take a lot of money from you just for providing you with a location. Alternatively, you can also choose to have your wedding party at a community hall. 

Most brides and grooms would look down at the thought of having a party at a community hall which they will receive for free but the truth is, most wedding receptions are made magical by the music, the atmosphere you create, the decorations and the party itself rather than the location that you choose.You can choose to carry a bouquet of flowers that you picked yourself or you can make yourself a beautiful beaded bouquet to carry with you. The truth is, you do not have to carry anything at all if you do not want to because the tradition of carrying a bouquet comes from the times when people were not allowed to bathe due to drought and the flowers were in place to make them smell better. Many of the tradition that we follow today have reasons behind them that make no sense for us to follow in this day and age including the tradition of the big white ball gown. You can choose to wear a summer dress for your wedding and it would still be perfectly okay. If you break away from tradition, you can have an amazing day minus the added costs.