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Are You Feeling Ready To Buy A New House?

Are You Feeling Ready To Buy A New House?

Everyone loves a brand new life to start in a brand new house. But be careful when you go for that financial scheme. Buying your own house is often referred to as having your dream come true. However if you are not ready to make that big financial commitment or if you are unaware of the consequences monetary wise you might not be so ready as you think to buy that house.

Psychological aspect

Buying a house is truly a big step. It is not only a monetary wise decision that you make in your life, but also an emotional decision. However it will make sense if you are a bit nervous about making a large purchasing as such and also taking on a responsibility financially and emotionally. For a considerable number of years to come, there will be a monthly payment and if you cannot make it, your spouse must be able to. Or at the beginning itself, both of you can make that commitment jointly. All these must be known and decided after talking to a mortgage advisor and you must bepsychologically ready and prepared to take on that challenge.


If you are not buying a house, the alternative will be renting a place. In that case you are giving money out each month to the building owner but not getting anything back from that. On the other hand, buying a new house is actually aninvestment you are making; a commitment of putting a huge amount of money at stake to have your own house. If you want to sell it and buy a new house in the future or move out that is possible; also whatever the mortgage payment is made each month, you own it at the end of the day. When your family becomes larger, you have kids and want more space etc. if you are at a rented place you will just have to move to another rented house. But if you are in your own home you can always sell it and put that money to buy a bigger house. Although there is no guarantee that the value of your house will go up for certain, most of the time it is the case.

Tax issues and advantages

Most of the time in the first several years of making payments on your mortgage a bigger chunk of that payment will be for the interest. In that case a percentage of it can be deducted from the taxes you pay. This will help to reduce the total amount you are paying as taxes at the end of each year. It is an added advantage of having your own house. Once you are finalizing the mortgage bond talk to your bank or financial institutions’mortgage brokers to have it setup properly.Getting married or buying a house, these are big decisions. Make sure they wisely made.

Financial Services

Most Common Types Of Property Investments

People often misunderstand the concept of property investment. In fact they believe it is simply a “buy and sell” type of investment. Contrary to belief, property investment is not such a simple investment type. It has different options. Simply put, there is more than one way to hold and invest property to gain a profit. Lack of this knowledge make many of us vulnerable to risks and losses. Understanding the business is the first step of being success. So if you are a novice to this field, first thing you have to do is understand these variations and then you can find out which type of property investment suits you the most. Among various types, following guide briefly explains the most common types of property investments available.

Freehold Ownership

This is the most common and the most famous type of property investment by far. In freehold ownership, owner has the full authority over property and he or she holds direct title as well. Owner will be registered with the property and the best advantage of this type is that owner has full control over the said investment. This ownership can be held by both individuals and companies. If you are interested in this type, you should start researching more and Think Money is a good place to start your research.


This is the same thing as renting a certain property. In leasehold, the person who has to pay a monthly rental does not have the ownership. But during his or her time as a lessee, they get to enjoy and use the property as their own. Duration of their stay is pre-agreed and during this time they have to pay a monthly sum to the owner of that property. If you are interested in this type, it is guaranteed to offer you a solid monthly income but you have to follow the right steps when you are renting your property to a customer.

Sectional Title

This type is a little different from previous ones. In sectional title, there is more than one owner to a certain property. There may be different owners for different sections. For an example, urban housing schemes often have a set of owners who claims certain sections of the schemes. Specialty is that each owner has full ownership over his or her section and also, they have shared ownership to the full schemes as well. This is also another good investment type and you can realize it if you read people’s feedback from reviews such as Think money Australia reviews or find further information at Think Money Wikipedia page. Other than these famous and most common types of property investments, there is Syndication, Property companies, Share block companies etc. and before you invest your all money, do your research and identify which investment suits you the most.